Valuations and Gem Testing

Giannis Jewellers is proud to offer one of the most accurate jewellery valuation and gemology services. We understand that losing a piece of jewellery can be a disturbing experience. At times the feeling of loss can be greater than the item itself if it was not professionally valued and the insurance company denied compensating its full value.

We are the members of the National Council of Jewellery Values (NCJV). Many if not all members of this council need to be highly skilled experts trained in the art of accurately assessing the value of gemstones, and jewellery. Our detailed reports will come in handy when it comes to claiming insurance for damaged, stolen or lost jewellery. It will also come in handy when seeking a fair price when it comes to purchasing or selling your jewellery.

All our jewellery valuations are done on site by a team of qualified and registered jewellery experts. Our appraisals and valuations include gold jewellery, loose diamonds, and gemstones in addition to other types of jewellery. In addition, our experts can provide valuations based on your requirement i.e. for insurance claims, probate, capital gains, superannuation, retail replacement valuations, auctions, private sale fair market value etc.

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