Jewellery Remodeling

Many people own a piece of jewellery that they do not wear and so for them we await the opportunity to transform their precious piece of outdated jewellery into the latest work of art. Our expert jewellery designers use an array of traditional and new methods to transform old pieces of jewellery into fine jewellery that you’ll continue to wear for the next few decades.

Our expert team of jewellers can easily update and modify any existing piece of jewellery or even a broken piece of jewellery to create something that is of the latest fashion. Since, our jewellers specialize in custom designing jewellery this type of thing comes second nature to them.

Most precious metals and gemstones are reusable and very valuable. This is why we provide you with a no obligation appointment where we will test and give you some honest advice on the overall value of the gemstones or diamonds or precious metal. In addition we can also offer you the best use of this old jewellery. After the design phase we may either handcraft or use our latest computers to manufacture pieces of art that exceed our highest quality standards.

We invite you to come in for a no obligation design consultancy session to discuss what we can create from your existing jewellery.

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