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Australian Diamonds are World Class Quality

Many people do not realize that Australia is responsible for the mining of over a third of all diamonds sold each year on the open market. Furthermore, some Australian diamonds such as those form the Argyle Diamond Mine are renowned for being some of the highest quality gemstones in the world. So, when we say we only use locally mined diamonds in the creation of our unique jewellery, you understand why. We only want to use the best.

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Shape Matters Most

When we design a new piece of jewellery, we take in to consideration just what shape of cut of diamond (or any other gemstone) is going to work best. This doesn’t always mean using the largest diamond. Sometimes using a smaller diamond in a good setting is more visually appealing. So, we urge our customers to consider the overall form of a piece, and how different cuts such as princess, baguette or just plain round diamonds fit with the whole design.

For more information on the different shapes and cuts that diamonds come in, we recommend that you check the guide at the following URL:


A Note on Clarity

We are happy to provide detailed information on the clarity of the diamonds we use in each of our pieces of jewellery. However, to understand just what the clarity classification of a diamond means, we recommend that you check the guide found at the following URL:


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