Diamond Certification

We Only use DCLA Certified Diamonds

Every diamond that is used in the handcrafting of our unique jewellery has been certified by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA). This is one of the most respected independent assayers of diamonds in the world. The DCLA will grade and certify diamonds, to ensure that consumers get exactly what they are paying for.

The DCLA is equipped with the most advanced tools and equipment for grading diamonds in Australia. Each individual gemstone is checked and tested, before being given its own unique grade based on weight, size and clarity.

Passing this Protection on to Our Customers

Because we use DCLA certification as a measure of the quality of the diamonds that we use when we handcraft our unique pieces of jewellery, we know that our customers are always going to get only the best quality gemstones.

We understand that a piece if diamond jewellery is an expensive purchase, so we make sure that our customers know that our gemstones come from a source that can be trusted, and we back this up with full DCLA certification.

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