Custom Made Jewellery

At Giannis Jewellers, each piece is hand-made, and artisan-specific. This creates an effect you won’t get from a mass-produced piece, since extremely detailed work can’t be captured by a computer. From the actual structure and framework of the piece to touches like millgraining and finishing, the entire process is handled by the craftsman, and inspired by the customer.

The process starts with a visit to Giannis Jewellers. There, you’ll meet with the Jeweller, who will get an idea of what you’re envisioning. You’ll review the type of stones you’re looking for, how you want the piece to feel, what metals you prefer, and the overall style of the jewellery.

Your jeweller will then create a sketch of the piece for you to review. Once you approve the sketch, your designer will then work start work on the final piece by hand. If you require a prototype to be more comfortable with your final design, this can also be prepared for you.

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