Crafting Process

Unique Heartfelt Designs

Every one of our pieces starts with an idea. A design spark which fuels the creative process. This might be something as simple as a conceptual shape that we will build on. Or it might be a more stringent design goal, such as improving or modifying one of our existing designs.

Regardless of the seed of thought, this is a fully creative cycle. Allowing our designers to express their feeling and emotion as they come up without next new design. Some designs flow naturally and become an instant success. Others take more time, and several iterations to get just right. All of our designs share one thing in common, though. They are all unique and from the heart.

Only the Best Materials

All of the materials used to create or stunning jewellery is sourced from within Australia. We don’t accept second best. Amazing jewellery, like amazing food, needs perfect ingredients to prepare.

Whether seeking a supply of white gold or searching for the best local gemstones, we have rigorous quality checks in place. We add to these quality checks, by relying on the expert eye of our craftsmen to spot the perfect materials.

Best Selling Products

Modern Crafting Methods

Just because we design our pieces without the aid of computer-aided design software, and without fully automated manufacturing processes, this doesn’t mean we don’t exploit modern tools and processes as part of our handcrafting process.

We use what we need to not only hand craft unique items, but to also ensure that each one we make is of the very highest quality possible.

An Eye for Detail

Everything we make is given a final check over by one of our master craftsmen. If a single flaw is found, we write the piece off, it’s not good enough. We only provide the very highest standard of handmade jewellery we will never send out a flawed piece for sale. This is our quality pledge and our solemn promise.

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